Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canada Log Day 3

Today is our third day living with the Canadiens, they are a happy people and have accepted us as one of them. After spending the morning going to church we had some lunch then made plans for the week. One of the plans was to go to Niagra Falls.

Our main reason for going was to watch a tightrope walker go between two building 60 stories up. It was neat to see. He calls himself Price of the Air. (click link). Samuel wanted him to fall, not to die or anything, to somehow save himself. He just thought is sounded pretty cool. Bennett said he wasn't going to fall because nothing that cool ever happens when he's around.

Look close and you can see the wire coming off the top of this tower. Needless to say, he didn't fall.

The big feature is a more than daily visit to Tim Hortons, a Canadian born coffee and donut show that has almost a cult following here. I'm sipping a coffee right now as a write.

Until tomorrow.



Philip Allen said...

Hi there. I found your blog through a search for Bill Ferm in Spring Lake - I guess he would have been your uncle.

My name is Philip Allen - my parents knew the Ferms, and when I was very little, I heard Bill play the pipe organ in his living room. After Bill died, my father did some renovation work for Marilou. I've often wondered where their house was, and was looking for it in Google Maps - I have lots of memories there.

Do you have their old address, by any chance?

You're kind to even take the time to read this comment from a stranger on your blog.

My email address is - I would be thrilled to hear from you.


Philip Allen said...

Hi there - I just posted a comment, but don't know if it went through. If it did, please understand this one is somewhat of a duplicate. :-)

My name is Philip Allen, and I found your blog looking for Bill Ferm in Spring Lake, MI. Bill and Marilou were friends of my parents for some time before Bill died. I remember hearing him play a pipe organ in his living room - as a very young boy who loved to play the piano, I was so amazed.

My father later did some renovation work for Marilou after Bill died, and I worked at their house one summer when I was 14. I was trying to remember where that house was, and that search led me to your blog.

Do you happen to remember the address of your uncle's house? I would love to find it on Google Maps - it's probably a housing development now, but I would love to find out where it was, and if you have ever heard that pipe organ play. :-)

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this strange comment from a stranger. My email address is - I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Philip Allen