Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada Log Day 1 and 2

We are having a nice trip. We arrived yesterday, Friday night, about midnight. I did most of the driving, Holly did about an hour of our 15hr 50min drive. I'm writing you from our room in the boys dorm here at Great Lakes Christian College. I'm using an iPad at the exact location below.

We don't have an Internet connection so I'm piggy backing on another guys cell phone wifi. Its sporadic. Anyway, we have been enjoying a nice visit with Holly's sisters, Laurie and Wendy and their families.

The drive was not bad, really, Lauren and Luke (Wendy's kids) wanted to stop at each state and take a picture, we we're only able to do Indiana and Michigan. The others were dangerous, no place to pull off for the photo op.

We are heading to an acap church of Christ in the morning, a great group of people.


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