Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday C Note

Our oldest at age 10 in Georgia

Happy 37th and going strong.

New house on your Birthday and all moved it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uncle Harry

Larry's twin under went bypass surgery Wednesday. He is on the mend now but we were all concerned about the surgery and his recovery. The latest news is he is was moved from ICU and is doing great. He is very tired and uncomfortable but able to get up and walk around. He may be home from the hospital by Tuesday. Larry will be seeing him in June.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

David, You are an Ironman!

Dave said biking was the easiest part.

Running was the worst. Oh those blisters. ouch!

David to the
finish line. Wow! That
was sweet.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

David's First Ironman-Tempe 2008

David, you are an IRONMAN

Today David is on a mission. So far David completed the swim
2.4 mi. (1:27:02)

David finished the Biking portion (112 milies) in 6 hours

After the Swim he was in 1557 postion
After the Biking he move way up to 772
Now he is running the Marathon and in 784th position.
This is pretty good considering over 2000 started in the race this morning. Many are professional TRIATHLETE's.

David finished the race around 8:50 pm. It took him just under 14 hours. Wow. I am impressed. His wife was at the finish line to greet him and I think that is great.

He finished in 905 position after 13:45. Total miles around 140.

He started the race around 6:45 this morning. His Dad took some video at that time and hope to post it soon.

Half Marathon-St. Louis

C Note is in top form run . Good job Craig!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Midwest Update

Things are moving along here. This Saturday out first crate is delivered. We will fill it with our junk and they will move it the the new place where we will have another few weeks to unfill it with our junk. Our question now is whether we should keep the kids in school. There will be a month of school left. It's a 35 minute drive from our new place to their current school, not too bad but the traffic can be thick making it a 45-60 minute drive one way.

We watched Most The Movie last Sunday at church. Very powerful. It's a movie that allegorical to Christs life. Highly recommend it.

  • Friday I'm going to the Blue man Group, should be good.
  • Business is good. The blog has doubled our website traffic.
  • The girl is going to play tee-ball this season, little "B" is going to play baseball and our big boy is going to take a class on running a small business.
  • My other half is working on packing and picking our decor for the home front.
  • We are looking forward to Uncle-D's visit where we will compete in a Triathlon together.
  • I'm doing a half marathon this weekend.