Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canada Log Day 3

Today is our third day living with the Canadiens, they are a happy people and have accepted us as one of them. After spending the morning going to church we had some lunch then made plans for the week. One of the plans was to go to Niagra Falls.

Our main reason for going was to watch a tightrope walker go between two building 60 stories up. It was neat to see. He calls himself Price of the Air. (click link). Samuel wanted him to fall, not to die or anything, to somehow save himself. He just thought is sounded pretty cool. Bennett said he wasn't going to fall because nothing that cool ever happens when he's around.

Look close and you can see the wire coming off the top of this tower. Needless to say, he didn't fall.

The big feature is a more than daily visit to Tim Hortons, a Canadian born coffee and donut show that has almost a cult following here. I'm sipping a coffee right now as a write.

Until tomorrow.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada Log Day 1 and 2

We are having a nice trip. We arrived yesterday, Friday night, about midnight. I did most of the driving, Holly did about an hour of our 15hr 50min drive. I'm writing you from our room in the boys dorm here at Great Lakes Christian College. I'm using an iPad at the exact location below.

We don't have an Internet connection so I'm piggy backing on another guys cell phone wifi. Its sporadic. Anyway, we have been enjoying a nice visit with Holly's sisters, Laurie and Wendy and their families.

The drive was not bad, really, Lauren and Luke (Wendy's kids) wanted to stop at each state and take a picture, we we're only able to do Indiana and Michigan. The others were dangerous, no place to pull off for the photo op.

We are heading to an acap church of Christ in the morning, a great group of people.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning Jaunt Comes Full Circle

I didn't know what I was doing at the time.

This morning I woke up to a quiet house. It's Memorial day, the kids were up late and I was the only one awake. The St. Louis Cardinals scored more than six points so that means 50 cent coffee at Mobile and I needed a couple things at the hardware store. The stage was set for me to unwittingly step into my fathers footsteps.

After setting up the sprinkler to water the front lawn, I jumped in the car and went to the hardware store. It was just a regular morning doing a couple errands. I stopped by the gas station for some coffee and donuts for the family.

Did i mention I was wearing this shirt?

I pulled up the the house a deliver the goods. After I sat down with my coffee and read the news it hits me. It hits hard.

I just did a morning jaunt.

It wasn't my plan, it just happened. How...why...Is it in my DNA? I don't know.

You may ask, what is a morning jaunt? The Full Jaunt occurs when the following sequence of events happen. For me, this morning I only did a partial jaunt, you will see why...

  1. You must have access to slippers or sandals, there can be no laces involved. Put them on.
  2. It's best to have an old tee shirt of some kind, not a strict requirement.
  3. You must leave you residence before anyone else is awake.
  4. You must purchase coffee.
  5. The full jaunt requires a stop at a store, probably one open 24h because most jaunts occur pre-dawn.
  6. As a bonus, if you get back before people are awake in the house you qualify for the Super Full Jaunt.
For full coverage and updates on Jaunting technology, vists LarryNet