Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Midwest Update

Things are moving along here. This Saturday out first crate is delivered. We will fill it with our junk and they will move it the the new place where we will have another few weeks to unfill it with our junk. Our question now is whether we should keep the kids in school. There will be a month of school left. It's a 35 minute drive from our new place to their current school, not too bad but the traffic can be thick making it a 45-60 minute drive one way.

We watched Most The Movie last Sunday at church. Very powerful. It's a movie that allegorical to Christs life. Highly recommend it.

  • Friday I'm going to the Blue man Group, should be good.
  • Business is good. The blog has doubled our website traffic.
  • The girl is going to play tee-ball this season, little "B" is going to play baseball and our big boy is going to take a class on running a small business.
  • My other half is working on packing and picking our decor for the home front.
  • We are looking forward to Uncle-D's visit where we will compete in a Triathlon together.
  • I'm doing a half marathon this weekend.


Jean A said...

Thanks for the Midwest update. I was happy to see it.
Love. Mom

Jean A said...

Looking forward to your next update from the Midwest.