Sunday, April 13, 2008

David's First Ironman-Tempe 2008

David, you are an IRONMAN

Today David is on a mission. So far David completed the swim
2.4 mi. (1:27:02)

David finished the Biking portion (112 milies) in 6 hours

After the Swim he was in 1557 postion
After the Biking he move way up to 772
Now he is running the Marathon and in 784th position.
This is pretty good considering over 2000 started in the race this morning. Many are professional TRIATHLETE's.

David finished the race around 8:50 pm. It took him just under 14 hours. Wow. I am impressed. His wife was at the finish line to greet him and I think that is great.

He finished in 905 position after 13:45. Total miles around 140.

He started the race around 6:45 this morning. His Dad took some video at that time and hope to post it soon.


Jean A said...

This is David's father Larry. I am so impressed with David's accomplishment in completing his 1st and hopefully last Ironman competition. David and i met up at Tempe town lake at 6:00 AM, had a chat, a hug and he was in the water at 6:30. I would not see David again until 8:35AM when he transitioned from swimming to the bike. I yelled his name as he went by me and gave him a high 5, thinking as he rode by that David had 11 more hours of brutal, punishing and body wrenching trials. We tracked David via the internet all day and into the evening. Just finishing this IRONMAN is a feat not any human can do. Just think about 1,000 participants had a slower time then David. Way to go son, but I recommend no more IRONMAN competitions, stick to the easy ones like the standard marathon. Love, Dad (4/14/08)

Little Sis said...

Good story! Way to go David! Glad you finished safe. Love ya.