Monday, May 23, 2011

Pacific Coast Cruise-May3-13, 2011

My Dad took me, Larry and my sister on a 10 day cruise. It was very exciting. This was Larry's first cruise and my third. I knew Larry would love it and couldn't wait for him to see the Pacific Northwest for the first time. I lived in the Seattle area as a child and also the San Diego area for many years. Larry and I lived near Monterey while he was in the Army.

We used 3 camera's. I used my Canon point and shoot which is a fine camera and a Pentax DSLR which is the best of the bunch but kind of big but worth it for some extra beautiful pictures. Larry used our old Canon Power Shot camera. He was able to photograph several sunrises that I missed due to the fact I was sound asleep.

Ports of call after leaving San Diego were as follows:

We had 3 sea days.

Catalina Island-Beautiful day there around 80 degrees
San Francisco-Beautiful day but quite windy and chilly walking around. Meet up with some cousins there so that was very nice to have lunch with them at Fisherman's Wharf.
Astoria, Or-Also a bit chilly and windy. Small town on the Colombia River.
Seattle, WA.-Disappointed it was a very rainy day and could not see Mt. Rainier at all. We did go up the Space Needle and managed to make the most of the day. Many childhood memories there.
Victoria, BC- Great day and we could finally see some of the mountain ranges.
Vancouver, BC- Nice weather and beautiful sites and views of the mountains. Spent most of the day getting to the airport for the flight back to San Diego. We took the Sky Train which was fun once we figured out which train to take, etc. Larry figured it all out for us. Once at the airport we had a long wait before taking a small plane to Seattle. During the flight we did see Mt. Rainier and Larry was very impressed. I really wanted him to see it and he was glad he did.
San Diego, CA-Arrived from Seattle around 11pm. Took a shuttle back to my dad's house and arrived around Midnight. So a very long travel day.

Larry and I drove back to Sun City, AZ the next day which was Saturday the 14th. My sister stayed on an extra day and returned to Arizona on Sunday.

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