Monday, April 19, 2010

No more work?

Larry is offically retired and I haven't worked in over 2 months. Not by choice on my part. I didn't think I would miss working in my Violin repair shop but I do. So I have a new project in the works. I will call it the Dulcimer Project. I am expecting any day in the mail a kit to make my first Dulcimer. It is a stringed instrument and has a lot of possibilities for creativity. Although I fixed violins, cellos and basses for many years I never built one from scratch. It would be very difficult to make a nice one without further training so I did some research and picked the dulcimer to make from a kit first then give it a try to make one from scratch.

The one pictured is a 6 string but I will make a 4 string.
Will post updates as I go through the process.

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