Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Louis Trip

One last stop at Craig's Chiropractic office for a tour then on to the airport
for the flight home.  Hate to say goodbye.
Lisa and I with the grandkids shortly before heading to the airport
Craig peaks out as I snap a pic.  Lovely shops in St Charles

walking near the Missouri River in St Charles or as I called it "mississiouri"
Lisa and me laying in the grass to get an easier view of the arch above us.
Beautiful day and fun too!
brother and sister at the top of the arch.  Nice to see them together.
The last day of our visit we went to Old St. Charles
where the kids climbed their favorite tree.
story time. sweet
Craig got in a little drumming and we played guitars too
Corner house is Craig and Holly's
View from the front and back.

Last Friday we had a wonderful day going to the Gateway Arch.  Lisa and I
really enjoyed spending time with our family in St. Louis.  
More to follow.............

grandson's along the Mississippi
fire hydrant flooded over in the Mississippi river
mother and daughter moments
arch elevators
top of the arch
new Busch Stadium from the arch
enjoyed the view at the top 

oldest son and a great dad !
grand daughter
making a web video for Uncle David

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