Sunday, March 23, 2008

Upcoming Trips this Year

Trips in the near future
Dad is going to Conn. June 22 for a couple of weeks by himself. He will be visiting his brother Harry and family. They will be attending their All School Class Reunion of Milford High School. I am sure he will be talking about his "Deadly when Hot Days". He will be making some side trips to visit some old friends. Brian and Angie Sheaffer in Maryland and Lloyd Powell and his wife. They live in West Virginia I think. I would have loved to have gone on this trip but need to stay near Grandma.

In August both of us will be going to Spring Valley for yet another class reunion event. The occasion is to celebrate the fact that the whole class of 66 is turning 60 this year. OH joy. Go Spartans of Chula Vista High School.

In October I (mom) will be going on a cruise with Grandpa Jack to Hawaii. I can hardly believe it. We leave from San Diego Oct. 22 for a 15 night Cruise. Will list the ports of call soon.
Below are highlights of last cruise to the Mexican Riveria

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